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Bringing clarity to the complexity of simultaneously managing quality, risk, and cost.

Every month, qrcAnalytics moves 5 million lives through our qrcEngine™. We process data quickly and accurately, supplying actionable insights for C-suites and providing clinical data sweeps that generate reports to focus the work of auditors and clinicians.

The qrcEngine™ was developed based on more than 20 years of healthcare IT experience, including California Pay for Performance and PQRS/GPRO. Our founders are data scientists with a focus on healthcare. Here are a few examples of clients who have leveraged the qrcEngine™ for success:

Example #1: A large healthcare system had no centralized repository with standardized coding system or vocabulary.

qrcAnalytics converted raw clinical and administrative data into a standardized vocabulary and created a set of measures annually to calculate scores and identify gaps in care for:

  • 5 million patients, 1.5 million active lives
  • 2,200+ Providers
  • Hundreds of Millions of clinical events

Example #2: The California Department of Corrections (Mental Health Tracking System) had disparate, individual, custom databases with manual interfaces & no scalability.

qrcAnalytics created a single state-wide, reportable, scalable and compliant database that currently houses:

  • 33 institutions
  • 187,000 patients
  • 200+ million clinical events
  • 50,000 encounters/day
  • 1,800 concurrent users

qrcAnalytics focuses on managing clinical efficiency within changing conditions in an environment of uncertainty. We believe there is too much overselling and underdelivering, and it is our mission to bring clarity to the complexity of simultaneously managing quality, risk, and cost. To learn more about qrcAnalytics, email us at