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qrcAnalytics announces the qrcAssessment™

With healthcare reimbursement at a significant crossroad, successful healthcare organizations need to be able to navigate the changing landscape and address three key questions:

  1. Are our initiatives to improve patient care reducing the total effort required to provide care to our patients and optimizing available capitation and incentives available?
  2. Are we successfully improving the health of our patient population while effectively managing the overall risk level?
  3. Are we properly capturing all appropriate diagnoses for our patient population to ensure that no revenue is lost?

The qrcAssessment™ was created to provide healthcare organizations with a quick and valuable overview of their performance relative to these questions. It identifies valuable financial and patient care improvement opportunities, as well as any high-risk compliance issues by applying Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and ICD-9/10 coding guidelines.

The report identifies areas in need of improvement, including patient outreach opportunities, missing “recaptures” and much more. It provides healthcare organizations with actionable information and recommendations to support improved patient care and to optimize appropriate reimbursements while supporting compliance.

The qrcAssessment™ is being offered on a complimentary basis to qualified organizations. To learn more about the qrcAssessment, contact qrcAnalytics.